Troubleshooting High Humidity in Your Wine Cellar

The ideal humidity in any wine cellar should be between 50-80%. If your wine cellar is experiencing levels lower than 50%, you may want to simply add some moisture to your wine cellar.

  • If you have a EuroCave wine cellar, that means you can simply soak the lava rock cassette at the bottom of your cellar (depending on the model) in some distilled water and placed it at the bottom.
  • If you have a Wine Enthusiast brand wine cellar, you could try to add a wet sponge placed inside some form of a container (small Tupperware for example) toward the top of the wine cellar, as that should increase the humidity inside your cellar.

If the humidity is too high in your wine cellar (over 80%), then there is a simple troubleshooting checklist you want to go through, as it is typically one of these simple and quick fixes that will lower the humidity in your wine cellar.

  1. Is the humidity level just outside of the wine cellar higher than 50%? If so you may want to place a dehumidifier near the wine cellar, as that humidity will make its way into the cellar.
  2. Is the charcoal filter installed? If not go ahead and place the filter in your wine cellar in the proper location.
  3. is there at least 3-4" behind the unit for freestanding units?Non built in wine cellars need proper clearance not only to function properly, but to help maintain the proper humidity.
  4. Is the unit empty or mostly empty?You want your wine cellar at least half full before turning on, as without any thermal mass the humidity will tend to be higher than normal.
  5. Is the unit in a very warm location, or set to a very low temperature, or both?Larger variances of higher and lower ambient temperature can also affect the humidity inside your wine cellar.
  6. Are there any gaps in the door frame? Outside air entering the wine cellar is a main cause of high humidity.
  7. Are any bottles touching the rear wall? Make sure there is even a small gap between your bottles and the back wall.
  8. Was the unit recently loaded or unloaded? Again, allowing outside air into the wine cellar will almost always lead to increased humidity
  9. Are there any cardboard boxes or tissue paper around the bottles in the wine cellar? If so you may want to remove them as they can trap moisture inside the wine cellar
  10. Is it located next to a heat source such as dishwasher or laundry machine? 
  11. Is it in direct sunlight? Direct sunlight and heat can lead to high humidity levels

It is also worth noting that if you have a EuroCave Wine Cellar, the humidity read out may be lagging and not showing real time and need to be recalibrated. So if you notice higher levels are present even after going through some of the steps above, please follow the below instructions on your EuroCave Control Board.


  • Open the door to the unit
  • Press & hold the Set button & the (+) button
  • Three 0s will appear on the screen, one of them flashing
  • Using the (-) button, change the 0 to 8
  • Press Set to enter parameter settings
  • Change the remaining 0s to 8 using the same steps
  • Upon hitting the Set button the last time, ALL the icons will appear on the screen
  • Press the Set button again, “UER…” will appear (the software in the unit)
  • Press the Set button again, 00 will appear
  • Close the door & the Door icon will appear (B) along with a flashing °F
  • Press Set button5times (to scroll through the other parameters)
  • The unit will display “HUN 015”
  • Using the (-) button only set the unit to 000
  • Press Set button8times (to scroll through the other parameters)
  • Upon hitting the Set button the 8th time, the humidity reading will appear
  • Press the Set button, the three 8s will appear & all the lights will come on
  • Press the Power button (K), which will bring you back to the “Home” screen

Please allow 2 hours for temperature and humidity to acclimate.