Wine Enthusiast partners with Mulberry to offer extended protection plans for cellars, appliances, furniture and electronics. These extended protection plans may be purchased at the time you place your order, or within 30 days.

Extended protection plans provide additional coverage beyond our standard warranty. 

At this time, we offer a 3-year and 5-year extended protection plan option.


What does the extended protection plan cover? 

  • Free repairs and fast replacements, with no additional fees
  • Damage from power surges and electrical failures
  • Food loss up to $500 for refrigerators and freezers
  • Extended coverage past the manufacturer's warranty

The full contract terms of this extended protection plan is available here


How do I sign up for a Mulberry protection plan? 

It’s easy - just add a protection plan to your cart and check out! After you purchase coverage, you’ll receive a welcome email from Mulberry prompting you to activate your account. Activating your account will give you access to your dedicated warranty dashboard where you’ll be able to view your plan details and full contract terms, and file a claim as needed.


How do I file a claim? 

Mulberry makes it easy to file a claim online through their customer dashboard, no receipts needed! You can also contact their customer support team 24/7 at, or by calling 1-917-994-6394.


Will I have to pay a deductible or any other fees?

You’ll never have to pay any fees or deductibles when you file a claim with Mulberry.


What happens if I return or exchange my product? 

Each Mulberry Protection Plan is tied to the specific product with which it was purchased. This means when you return or exchange your product, you will also need to cancel the warranty with Mulberry (and purchase a new plan if you prefer). If you cancel your warranty within the merchant’s return window, you will receive a 100% refund for your Protection Plan, minus any claims paid. For returns outside of the merchant’s return window, you will receive a prorated refund, based on the time remaining on your Plan, minus any claims paid.