The New

When you hear the name Wine Enthusiast, what comes to mind? Is it our acclaimed magazine and wine ratings, or is it our top-rated wine cellars and catalog of products?

Over forty years ago, we launched Wine Enthusiast catalog, offering wine lifestyle products to consumers that were once only accessible to industry professionals. Shortly after, Wine Enthusiast magazine launched as a natural extension of our business, focusing on wine news and lifestyle content.

Like the industries we represent, we’ve grown and changed – a lot – since then. We’ve always led Wine Enthusiast together as a family-owned business, but under two separate domains for commerce and media. Now, we’ve merged to make it easier for our readers and customers to access everything we offer under one metaphorical roof:

On the new site, you will find a simpler, more seamless design and experience. Looking for recommendations on what bottles to try next? Now you’ll be able to search our thousands of ratings and reviews, plus learn more about the region in which the wines are from—and even buy a place to store those bottles. Our goal is to provide all the tools you need to enjoy the wine lifestyle to its fullest.

More things you’ll discover here: The best wine gifts for your friends and family and drink recipes and pairings to celebrate. Top-line wine coolers and wine storage tips from real pros. The basics of varietals and different types of wine glasses. It’s also a place where you’ll find the top-rated wines, as well as the best corkscrews and decanters to enjoy them. All the thought-provoking features are still here, as are deeper looks into drinks trends and culture.

Since we launched in 1979, our mission to bring the fine wine experience to the everyday has never wavered – and our scope has expanded to include all the things we all love to pair with our wine: travel, food, entertaining and style. Like a fine vintage, we plan to just keep getting better with age. So, please, stick around—we’ve got many exciting things to share with you.