In certain situations, additional fees may apply to your delivery. 

Additional Stairs (First flight of 12 stairs is included) $85
Additional Delivery Helper ("Third Man") $250
Storage Fee (First two weeks free) $20/item/week
Certificate of Insurance (COI) $25
Small Truck Fee $280
Door Installation Fee $85
Shelf Assembly/Replacement $35
Failed Delivery Attempt Fee Up to $135
Military Base Delivery Fee $125
Ferry Required For Delivery Fee Up to $175
Light Furniture Assembly $85
Full Furniture Assembly $250
Additional Delivery Insurance (First $1500 included) $5 per $500 of value, $4,000 max. 
AK / HI / PR Delivery - Threshold


AK / HI / PR Delivery - In-Home Delivery


AK / HI / PR Delivery - Additional Units



Stair Charges

Our In-Home Delivery Fee includes up to 12 stair steps, inclusive of your entrance. An additional stair charge of $50 is incurred for every five steps beyond that. For example, if there are 24 steps on a staircase, steps one through ten do not incur a charge. Step 11 through 15 will incur a $50 stair charge. Steps 16 through 20 will incur another $50 stair charge and the remaining four will incur another $50 stair charge. Be sure to discuss with your Wine Storage Consultant how many steps you have and provide an accurate count to receive an accurate quote and avoid additional fees.


Removal Fee

The removal of an existing standard size unit is available with our In-Home Delivery for an additional fee of $150. Additional charges may apply for special circumstances. Removal must be requested and paid for in advance of your delivery.


Saturday Delivery

Regular deliveries take place Monday through Friday during normal business hours. Requesting a delivery for a Saturday requires special instructions and requirements and will incur additional fees.


Time Stops

Delivery happens between normal business hours within a given four-hour time window. A Time Stop is a request to change the normal delivery pattern. A Time Stop includes: 1) Requesting a shorter delivery window (for example: requesting a two-hour delivery window). 2) Requesting a delivery on a specific date if the delivery agent doesn’t have an opening (for example, if a client requests delivery on a Tuesday, and the carrier has an opening that day, the client will not be charged. If a client requests a specific Tuesday and that carrier does not have that Tuesday open, that is considered a time stop and charges apply). 3) Requesting delivery after normal business hours. 4) A combination of any or all these situations.


Storage Fee

A storage fee is applied if you do not take possession of an item in a timely fashion and the carrier is required to hold onto the item until you are ready to accept delivery. If you know that you are not going to be available to accept a delivery for a substantial period, speak to a Wine Storage Consultant to make arrangements to avoid these fees.


Attempt/Wait Fees

An attempt fee is charged if you do not take possession of an item due to reasons that are beyond the carrier’s control, but is within your control, on the date of delivery. Examples are: if you are not present during delivery and no one is able to be there to substitute; not being able to reach the residence due to obstructions on the property (construction, a blocked path/road, etc.) and refusal of a shipment without proper justification. A wait fee is charged if you are not readily available to take your delivery and/or keep delivery agents past the required time necessary to complete delivery (this can be of direct and/or indirect actions of the client). For example, not being present immediately at the time of delivery can incur a wait fee. Obstacles that hamper the delivery process and require the delivery agent to stay for a longer period than is typically required is another example.


Return Shipment Fee

A return shipment fee is applied if you decide to return your item for a refund or exchange outside of carrier loss, damage, or defect. Examples are if your wine cellar or furniture piece purchased is too big/small for the location, you order the item (make, model, color or finish), you cancel your order after it has been shipped, or anything deemed to be outside of loss, damage, or defect. It is also applied if the carrier cannot contact you for delivery and Wine Enthusiast must take back possession of the item. A 20% restocking fee may also apply.