Wine Cellar & Furniture Delivery Methods


Includes 2-person delivery of an unlimited number of items to the first enclosure of your home, excluding stairs. Your item is carefully brought into the first enclosure of your home (i.e. the front door, lobby of an apartment building, front/back porch, garage) by one of our approved professional freight carriers and does not include stairs. The enclosure is at the delivery agent’s discretion. The item will remain in its packaging and the responsibility of disposing packaging materials is your responsibility. You are also responsible for inspecting the packaging and product for any damages and defects at the time of delivery. If you are not given a chance to thoroughly inspect the item, YOU MUST NOTE THIS WHEN YOU SIGN. A simple “SUBJECT TO FINAL INSPECTION” will suffice. Signing for item means you take possession of it “AS IS”. This simple notation will protect you should you discover something later. Make sure that your delivery can be left within the first enclosure of your home to avoid attempt and storage fees.



Includes 2-person in-home delivery of one or more items, and up to 12 stair steps, inclusive of entrance. With In-Home Delivery, your item is unpacked, brought into your home and placed at the location of your choosing. The packaging material is also removed and disposed of. This service allows you to immediately inspect the unit for damages or defects at the time of delivery. Please be sure there is a clear path for the delivery team to bring the unit to the desired location, and the desired location is large enough for the unit to fit. Any stair steps required beyond twelve will incur additional fees. Assembly is not included. Removal of an existing unit is available for an additional charge. See below for details.


Extremely large, heavy furniture and wine cellars require additional delivery persons and will incur additional fees. Please call 800.377.3330 for details and estimate.