Can I authorize someone else to accept delivery for me?

Yes. You can have someone else (spouse, family member, friend, contractor, etc.) take possession of your item on your behalf. However, please make sure they have all the necessary information needed to take the delivery. If the item is accepted and signed for and/or no notations are made, and problems occur after the fact, you take possession of the unit “AS IS” and you will need to follow up with the freight company for compensation.


Can I just have the carrier deliver to my home without someone present?

Yes. You can have the carrier deliver to your home without you or someone else to provide a signature with written documentation of your request sent to Wine Enthusiast. However, this is not recommended. Should anything happen to the wine cellar, your property, and/or the wine cellar arrives with damages, you will need to follow up with the shipping company for compensation.


What if I’m ordering a wine cellar as a gift?

Make sure that the gift recipient has all the necessary information to accept delivery if the item is being shipped to them directly. While we understand that sometimes gifts are meant to be surprises, there have unfortunately been occasions where a gift recipient refused delivery because they did not know that the item was coming as a gift or did not follow delivery instructions. Wine Enthusiast cannot give compensation and/or replacements if something is signed for and accepted as is. Also, make sure to provide as much contact information for the gift recipient as possible to avoid any fees.


What happens if my home/property is damaged during delivery?

While this scenario is extremely rare, it can occur. If anything at your home/property is damaged by the carrier, contact Customer Care immediately! We will make the initial arrangements with the carrier to get compensation to you in a quick and timely fashion. As always, notate the BOL of what was damaged before you sign!


Note: Wine Enthusiast cannot give direct compensation for damages that occur to your home/property before and/or after the fact. These actions must be negotiated with the carrier, but as our customer, we will give you all the necessary information and assistance needed to make sure you have a timely and satisfactory resolution.


I signed for my wine cellar as delivered for in satisfactory condition, but I discovered damage later. What do I do?
If this occurs, please contact Customer Care immediately! There is a window of 24 hours where you would still be entitled to a replacement and/or compensation. After the window lapses, we cannot provide a replacement or compensation as the wine cellar is officially signed off “AS IS.”


I have set up an appointment for delivery. What happens if the carrier is late/does not show?

This is another rare occurrence. If this occurs, contact Customer Care immediately so we can investigate the matter with the carrier. If there is a delay, we can find out what may be the cause and give you a time frame of when the delivery can take place. If they do not show, we can find alternatives to another appointment that will be catered specifically to your needs and liking without additional costs to you.


I have set up a delivery appointment, but something has come up and I cannot accept delivery on that day. What do I do?
If there is a matter that needs your attention and you find out 24 hours or more in advance of delivery, contact the carrier directly and let them know you will need to reschedule the delivery. If you cannot get a hold of them, please contact Customer Care. If it is on the day of the delivery, contact Customer Care and we will notify the carrier and ask them to reschedule with you.
Note: Failure to comply may result in an attempt fee or wait fee.


I am receiving or I have received delivery and certain services are not being rendered or were not rendered. What do I do?
Contact Customer Care so we can look into the matter directly with the carrier. We may be able to have the services rendered and/or provide compensation for the inconvenience.

Note: Make sure you are informed of what services are and are not included in your delivery. Refer to this information packet or discuss this at the time of purchase with your Wine Storage Consultant or Customer Care before delivery.


Does the carrier install/assemble any components (such as shelving) at the time of delivery?

No. We cannot nor do we authorize the carrier to install shelving or assemble any part of the wine cellar. This is always the responsibility of the client regardless of what services are being rendered.